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Re: [K12OSN] roaming profiles in Linux

To expand upon David's question...

My school is spread across several buildings, and to reduce the
amount of traffic across the network, I will be setting up K12LTSP
servers in several locations. Heavy-use computer labs will have their
own (or two), and there will be other servers for teachers and for
support staff. So, the "profiles" would need to be on a different
(central) server. Also, to complicate things a little further, I would
like toput all student documents on a different server altogether so I can
easily back up that server and so they can be reached by all servers
and by all different types of workstations (Macs, Win9x, Linux). Has
anyone done this? I know that LDAP is one option, but I am hoping
that there is a "secret" How-To that someone can point me to.


On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 11:13 , David Trask wrote:

This is a little off topic, but I'm curious.  Can Linux store profiles on
another server like NT can?  Let's say I had a classroom of Linux
workstations (not terminals) and I wanted the students to log into
(authenticate) to my E-Smith server.  Can their individual settings
(desktop, icons, and so forth) be saved on the E-Smith server so that
they can have the same settings regardless of the Linux workstation
they are on?  If so...how is this done?  I wouldn't want to have to set up
accounts for every kid on every workstation...I just want the user
accounts on the E-Smith box.

Joseph Morelock
Instructional Medi
a Services Director
Canby High School
morelocj canby k12
811, x1110, x1008

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