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RE: [K12OSN] RE: HDD imaging using Ghost orLinux.........WAS........RE: [K12O SN] Pros and Cons of diskless


We tried making a backup of a Gentoo server, which contained an ext3
partition (/).

Making the image was successful, but when we ghosted the image back to
the Gentoo box, the server appeared okay, except that it said something
like that the ext3 journaling table couldn't be found, and that it was
converting to ext2.

Upon trying the system, everything appeared okay, but I quickly found
out that a lot of key files in /etc/ and elsewhere were trashed and the
system is more or less unusable from this point.

Now, is this ...

1) We did something wrong in Ghosting?
2) Ghost does not understand ext3 partitions?
3) Random fluke?  We've had it when ghosting Windows that the ghost
image doesn't 'take' (workstation won't work, but others in the room who
were also just ghosted work fine) and the workstation needs to be
4) Something else?

- James

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