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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Hi Bob,

I think the discussion on Crossover will be outside the captioned topic. I apologize.

I am in consideration of starting a new thread but have no idea where it shall be posted. Do you have any idea?

Your information is quite interesting. I just have a brief browsed on


Crossover is a commercial application but WINE a freeware. Before placing an order for Crossover I have to consider whether it is really running all Windows applications without Windows as advertised. WINE being a freeware is different. If it does not work I just put it aside without suffering any substantial loss on cost.

I am not interested talking about running MSOffice, PhotoShop, IE, etc on Crossover. We have similar applications on KDE and GNOME. My concern is whether some special software can run on Crossover such as :
- ArchiCAD
- TurboCAD
- FloorPlan
- 3D Home Architect
- Home Design
- Auto Sketch
- 3D Studio Viz
- Lightscape etc.

and some other software for program writer, compilers, etc. All of them run on Windows including many other special software. For such a reason many people fail migrating completely to Linux. I got the same experience.

I tried to locate a trial version of Crossover from the website mentioned hereinabove without success. Do you know whether Crossover has trial version.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

Additionally :

Hi all guys : any other Windows simulators suggested

At 04:07 AM 2002/6/20 -0700, you wrote:
You might want to look at Crossover by CodeWeaver. It
runs native Linux, without any Microsoft OS required.
You can run any of the MS Office products, Lotus
Notes, and IE. They promise other apps will run in the
near future.
Our Linux User Group has reported good success with
many Windows applications.

CodeWeaver is a  commercial venture based on the Wine

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