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RE: [K12OSN] RE: HDD imaging using Ghost or Linux

Hi James,

> We tried making a backup of a Gentoo server, which contained an ext3
> partition (/).
> ....<SNIP>.......but I quickly found
> out that a lot of key files in /etc/ and elsewhere were trashed and the
> system is more or less unusable from this point.
> Now, is this ...
> 1) We did something wrong in Ghosting?


1) You may have to go into the GHOST configuration settings and see if it 
supports EXT3.
2) Make sure you did a disk to image copy NOT partition to image copy. 
Alternatively copy each partition/filesystem individually.

I usually use one HD for intial image capture, to ensure I have enough 
Then I burn my CDs from the capture HD images, NOT the original HD.
Once the images are burned, I either close the machine up, or remove the 
original HD as a known working copy. Then I blast the image onto another HD 
(the image HD or a nother spare drive).

I know my version supports EXT2, but wouldn't like to try EXT3.

> 2) Ghost does not understand ext3 partitions?

I'm pretty sure this is GHOST version dependant.

> 3) Random fluke?  We've had it when ghosting Windows that the ghost
> image doesn't 'take' (workstation won't work, but others in the room who
> were also just ghosted work fine) and the workstation needs to be
> reghosted.

Also a possibility.

> 4) Something else?

Infinite Improbability Drive failure, perhaps. You may need to get a new 
cup of luke warm British Rail tea.
NB- Tea bags will not work. :-)

But seriously, a power fluctuation could be enough to cause problems, so 
again, it's a possibility.
I have noticed performance improvements by ocassionally formatting the 
drive 6-7 times before putting the image back on.
This is on a drive that is about 6yrs old.


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