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Re: [K12OSN] Newbie squidguard question

On Sun, 23 Jun 2002, Duane Wilson wrote:

>I've read the list.  I've read the squidGuard config file web page and I still 
>can't make it work.
>	Compaq Proliant DL380 with 2 NIC cards.  1 to the internet through a router 
>firewall at and the second servicing the terminals on K12LTSP ver 
>	How do I make squidGuard start filtering?  I tried changing the squid.conf 
>file to point to the squidGuard conf file.  No luck.
>Duane Wilson

First, let's check to see that squid/squidGuard is actually running...

Execute this command:

	ps uaxw | grep squid

and you should see output similar to this:

	squid      846  3.4 53.2 530256 272380 ?     R    May15 1918:16 (squid) -D
	squid     4584  0.0  0.1  7708  608 ?        S    May16   1:21 (squidGuard) -c /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf

If squid is not running, run these commands:

	/sbin/service squid start
	/sbin/chkconfig squid on

If squid is running, but squidGuard is not:

	1) make sure you have squidGuard enabled in /etc/squid/squid.conf:

		redirect_program /usr/sbin/squidGuard -c /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf

	2) check the log file: /var/log/squidGuard/squidGuard.log 

Once you do get it up and running, be aware that you can not FORCE the use
of the filter if it is running on the same server that you are using to run
terminals. If you need to force the use of the filter, it needs to be on
a seperate server.


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