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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Hi Bert,

At 08:57 AM 6/24/2002 +1200, you wrote:
> NeTraverse installer.tgz
> Is it the right one ???

Yes it is. You will need to get a serial number from them before the
installer will work. It downloads the kernel and several other patches from
their website. If you have a slow connection this may take some time.

Noted with thanks. No problem, I am sitting on a 10Mb highway

If you are running behind a corporate firewall the installer may not work
correctly. You will have to check up on their website for the exact fix,
there are two different resolutions.

Noted. I will temporarily disable the AV program

Try e-mailing them for a trial version. Amanda Owens should be able to


It is in very samll print at the bottom of the Win4Lin page from memory,
but it could also be the NSSE product page. Basically it is an e-mail link
to someone at Netraverse.


Lot of thanks for your advice.


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