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RE: [K12OSN] Cost of Computer Labs


I don't have a bill.  But our district actually the state of Maryland is
providing $42K for hardware per school for 170+ schools.  Schools are buying

what they can in terms of pc's pr macs for their 42K...which is about 30-40
pcs...in most cases not enough to outfit a lab for classes over 40.  the
price per unit gets inflated because many of them are paying for the OS,
office, NAV .  Even though there is money for software separate from the
hardware lot it usually isn't enough to take care of all of the software

My group has talked extensively abouth the thin client solution but this
money can only go to purchase hardware from a select group of state approved
vendors...which in many cases don't have a thin client solution...

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I'm curious how much most companies charge to put in Microsoft-based
computer labs in schools.

Does anyone have a recent itemized bill for installing a computer lab that
they could reproduce here?  I'd also like to know what kind of
hardware/software was included, and what the maintenance contract

Jonathan Bartlett

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