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Re: [K12OSN] Cost of Computer Labs

Boone, Kevin E. wrote:

My group has talked extensively abouth the thin client solution but this
money can only go to purchase hardware from a select group of state approved
vendors...which in many cases don't have a thin client solution...

The vendors probably have extremely basic computers that would be way overkill for clients, but obviously still useful. If you figure $600 per workstation (probably about the cheapest you could get a system from a tier 1 or 2 vendor), and $5000 for a kick-butt server, you're looking at $29,000 total hardware expense - you know from this list what your software cost will be :).

$13K might not seem like a huge savings over the MS lab, but look at your expenses in three-four years when you need to upgrade and that $42,000/school is no longer available to you. Replace that one $5,000 server, and you're back up to state-of-the-art, for $125 per station. Put the $13,000 saved in an account which can rollover each year, and your next three upgrades are paid for!

-- Chris Hobbs Silver Valley Unified School District Head geek: Technology Services Coordinator webmaster: http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/ postmaster: chobbs silvervalley k12 ca us

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