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RE: [K12OSN] Exchange type of program....

Hi Shauna,

Bert here.

To share Outlook schedules you need a MAPI compliant mail server.  MAPI is the M$ mail API. 

Evolution has a connector for accessing MS Exchange, but I haven't heard of anything that works the other way around.

My understanding is Evolution may be able to do this using a Linux mail server. I'm not too sure on this though.

I use Evolution at home and put it on a par with Outlook 97 as a stand alone product.

I know this doesn't answer your question but hope it helps.


On Tuesday, June 25, 2002 12:39 PM, Cornerstone Christian School [SMTP:ccschooltech shaw ca] wrote:
> Howdy... maybe a bit off topic but we are in the midst of setting up an
> Windows Exchange server here for in-house communication as well as
> internet. Is there a similar program that is for Linux and people are
> using? 
> We have our calendar's shared for certain people and I have yet to find
> and app that does what Outlook and Exchange can do together. 
> I would REALLY love to move to Linux from M$ for this. I know there is
> Sndmail and a few other type of programs out there as well as Evolution
> which is a lot like Outlook, but doesn't appear to have the all the
> functions of Exchange and Outlook. 
> We don't have the $$ for anything commercial. We have BackOffice 2000
> paid for and the CALs we need. 
> Any suggestions??
> Shauna
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