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RE: [K12OSN] Exchange type of program....

Check out Phpgroupware as well. We are looking into it as a possible
exchange replacement. It does most of what exchange does, but it runs on a
web server. Quite spiffy.


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Howdy... maybe a bit off topic but we are in the midst of setting up an
Windows Exchange server here for in-house communication as well as
internet. Is there a similar program that is for Linux and people are
We have our calendar's shared for certain people and I have yet to find
and app that does what Outlook and Exchange can do together.

I would REALLY love to move to Linux from M$ for this. I know there is
Sndmail and a few other type of programs out there as well as Evolution
which is a lot like Outlook, but doesn't appear to have the all the
functions of Exchange and Outlook.

We don't have the $$ for anything commercial. We have BackOffice 2000
paid for and the CALs we need.

Any suggestions??



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