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[K12OSN] Customizing Available Applications

I'd like to customize (reduce) the list of
applications available to users on the terminals using
the standard K12LTSP install.  I'd really just like a
single browser choice, a few of the KDE Office type
programs and Abiword.  Am I right in thinking that
(installing/uninstalling) those as root on the server
automatically alters what is available to the
terminals?  My preference is to not necessarily build
it from scratch because the K12LTSP distro works so
well as it is.

I don't even mind if the programs remain installed as
long as there isn't an (easy) way to get to them
through the WM (ICEWM).  BTW, I'd also like to make
that the default manager when logging in - w/out the
choices for KDE or Gnome.

I'm a bit new to all of this but I do have a server
and several terminals up and running as a test for a
larger implementation.  I've looked at all of the
walk-throughs on K12LTSP site but there doesn't
(appear) to be a mention of this kind of

-Paul Williams

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