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Re: [K12OSN] WYSE terminal Newbie Q

Ash Green wrote:

Hi all, am trying to get a new lab up and running over summer and I've been
offered a load of WYSE 325ES terminals ... I figure that because they came
from a client/server environment then they should be able to deal with a X
session. Possibly.

8-( I don't think they'll do X. I think they're VT-100 type thingys, which means ASCII only.

Now, let someone else on this list confirm that, before you drop the idea entirely. 8-}

Nice looking unit though. I wonder if you could rip the guts out of it and add a seperate little
PC box.. hmmmm. If the keyboard connector is PS2, then it just needs a VGA-in connector on the monitor.

I've found this package
l which seems to infer that the terminal can deal with some icky 8 colour
display - which if it's just word processing or data analysis shouldn't be
much of a problem.  Theoretically.

If you are prepared to use a text-based environment, these will work fine under Linux. If you want to try this,
talk to the donater ASAP and see if you can get the terminal-server hardware, and cabling. (this will cost plenty
to replace) and then it's just a matter con configuring it to Telnet to a Linux box somewhere, and run WordPerfect
for Linux, in Text Mode.

I expect this is precisely what the present/previous owner has done anyway.

All the best, and keep us informed.


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