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Re: [K12OSN] WYSE terminal Newbie Q

On Tuesday 25 June 2002 3:48 pm, Steve Wright wrote:
> Ash Green wrote:
> >Hi all, am trying to get a new lab up and running over summer and I've
> > been offered a load of WYSE 325ES terminals ... I figure that because
> > they came from a client/server environment then they should be able to
> > deal with a X session.  Possibly.
> 8-(  I don't think they'll do X.   I think they're VT-100 type thingys,
> which means ASCII only.

You are correct. Though VT-100 is only one of the term types it supports, WYSE 
has its own set, as well as adapting some of the VT sets.   WYSE has almost 
exclusivly done "dumb terms" which tend to be only serial port connections.  
However, their more recent technology has expanded, and I dont know what 
other products they have. 

> Now, let someone else on this list confirm that, before you drop the
> idea entirely.  8-}
> Nice looking unit though.  I wonder if you could rip the guts out of it
> and add a seperate little
> PC box..  hmmmm.  If the keyboard connector is PS2, then it just needs a
> VGA-in connector on the monitor.
> http://www.wyse.com/products/gpt/wy325es.htm
> >I've found this package
> >http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/redhat/updates/6.2/i386/ncurses-5.0-12.i386.h
> >tm l which seems to infer that the terminal can deal with some icky 8
> > colour display - which if it's just word processing or data analysis
> > shouldn't be much of a problem.  Theoretically.
> If you are prepared to use a text-based environment, these will work
> fine under Linux.  If you want to try this,
> talk to the donater ASAP and see if you can get the terminal-server
> hardware, and cabling.  (this will cost plenty
> to replace) 
Yeah, I would invest some time into what you have before going after it.  To 
connect 25 serial port connections to a single box is not something most PC's 
know how to do. You need to purchase hardware that either mutex's serial 
ports, or you need to have a whole array of serial ports (somewhat dependent 
on how the terminals work).  Also, the standard serial ports on most PCs are 
only good for cables up to around 20ft, if you want a true lab set up, you 
will more than likely want cabling longer than this, so speficic hardware 
will be required.

> and then it's just a matter con configuring it to Telnet to
> a Linux box somewhere, and run WordPerfect
> for Linux, in Text Mode.
If you can get the hardware, then the setup is very simple.  You dont need a 
second server or anything, but the server these connect into will function as 
if it had 20 or so keyboard/monitors hooked up to them. So install whatever 
you want on that server and they all have access to it.   If you can still 
find the original versions of WordPerfect for various Unix's that is good 
software for word processing. You also have Links or Lynks for web viewing, 
Pine for email, and many library catalog systems are still text based, so 
maybe you could even hook up to that as well.


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