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RE: [K12OSN] Customizing Available Programs

Can the ICE/WM be likened to policies and profiles in NT then?  I'm in the
process of setting up a LTSP room and haven't tackled the problems of kids
trying to annihalate the network ... will ICEWM do it or are there other
'handy' utilities shipped with the K12 LTSP that make life a little easier?



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> Of Eric Harrison
> Sent: 26 June 2002 20:21
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> Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Customizing Available Programs
> On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Paul Williams wrote:
> >Many Thanks, Eric.
> >
> >I'll do as you suggest.  So it is neccesary to remove
> >IceWM and reinstall it before customizing?  I may want
> >to use some of the KOffice apps,  in which case I'll
> >just make changes to the IceWM menu items - dooes that
> >sound right?
> >
> >
> >Thanks again!
> >-Paul Williams
> The IceWM package that is installed by default automatically merges in the
> KDE and Gnome menus. If you don't want the full KDE/Gnome menus
> to show, you'll
> have to remove the icewm-gnome package and install the
> icewm-default package.
> You can still have KDE/Gnome applications on the menu with the
> icewm-default
> package, but you have to manually specify them (using the iceme
> menu editor)
> rather than having all KDE/Gnome apps automatically merged into the menu.
> I hope that makes sense? ;-)
> -Eric
> >>This is pretty straight-forward with IceWM.
> >
> >>First, remove the icewm-gnome packages (this is what
> >>adds the gnome/kde
> >>menus)
> >
> >>	rpm -e icewm-gnome
> >
> >>Next, install the icewm-default packages. This is on
> >>one of the K12LTSP
> >>2.1.0
> >>disks, or you can install it over the net:
> >
> >>	rpm -ihv
> >>ftp://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/pub/K12LTSP/2.1.0/i386/R>edHat/RPM

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