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Re: [K12OSN] Squiud Guard/Dan's Guardian

k12osn redhat com writes:
>I know that SG is the recommended choice for Internet protection. How
>does it compare to Dan's Guardian (have to find it)? I have heard it
>does a good job as well. I need not only sight blocking, but also
>content filtering and I have heard that content filtering might not be
>so easy on Squid. 

Here's what I do.  I use DG since I've found that I too needed content
filtering.  SquidGuard works well, but way too much got through.  DG can
use the SquidGuard blacklists (you can set up a cron job to rsync to
Eric's blacklists) but it also scans for inappropriate content (much of
which you can control).  DG plugs the holes that SquidGuard leaves open. 
I've found it to work well and have noticed no lag or slowdown compared to

I've found the best method for getting a proxy server with DG or
SquidGuard running is to use the E-Smith Linux distro....get it here  
www.e-smith.org  (takes about 10 minutes to install and configure)

then you have 2 options....you can install a preconfigured version of
Squidguard that also a web control panel for the E-Smith admin panels
(E-Smith functions are controlled on a slick web interface from another
machine)  get it here 
http://tech-geeks.org/servers/sme/v5.1.x/squidguard/install/   this was
developed by Illinois school tech coordinators and is used extensively byt


You can install a preconfigured version of DG with another really slick
interface.  Unfortunately the author of the module charges a fee ($75
which allows access to many of his modules ...he has a slick backup module
as well...well worth the money and it sure beats using commercial
filtering)  Check it out here  http://www.dungog.net/sme

(email me privately if you'd like to try before you buy...but ya' gotta'
promise to pay the guy if you like it and plan to use it...he uses PayPal)

It's a slick and easy setup which allows easy configuration of many
options (I actually timed myself last time....it took me 18 minutes to
load everything from a bare hard drive to a fully functioning proxy and
internet filter.

I was paying $6000 for my school to use N2H2's Bess filter....moving to DG
has saved a ton of money

Be advised you can also use DG with a standard Redhat or other
setup...Webmin www.webmin.com with the DG module www.dansguardian.com
provides much of the same functionality as the E-Smith web panel (not as
easy or slick though) and that is all free.
>Anyone out there that knows both and can make suggestions? I am less
>than a month into playing with Linux but my current Internet protection
>(thru ISA and 3rd party program) has worked VERY well, but with budget 
>cuts it has to be looked at. Licensing for 3rd party runs out July 11th
>(thankfully kids are out of school until Sept 3)...

>Thanks in advance.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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