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[K12OSN] SquidBlock Community Idea

Hi folks,

I had an idea to create a community website with PHP and MySQL that would
allow users to create accounts and submit URL's for inclusion into a
squidGuard blacklist.  I envision this to have the following features:

* Users create accounts, initially with very limited privileges.
* Many database categories.
* Moderation in anonymous voting for domains or URLs within the database.
* Karma point system to identify users of varying degrees of trust.  Gain
karma by reporting well and not receiving bad votes.  We also give high
karma to users that we know and trust.  (People active on the K12Linux
mailing lists for starters.)
* Higher karma means you can enter more database entries per day, more
votes, higher weighted votes.
* Meta-moderation votes on the validity of votes made by other users
(anonymous like Slashdot.)
* Users with many erroneous database additions are flagged by bad karma, and
their abusive changes can be rolled back within the database.
* Users with an erroneous voting record can also be flagged by poor
meta-moderation scores.  Their votes can then be rolled back within the
* Each blacklist entry has an associated score as an average of votes.  This
way sysadmins can set a certain "threshold" number for their nightly
blacklist updates.  This can allow for varying degrees of conservativism
through liberalism.

I want to make this SquidGuard blacklist a very open community project that
allows constant dynamic change, but tries to minimize abuse through user
self-moderation somewhat like Slashdot.  The initial database would be
imported from the current MESD blacklist as owner "Robot", and new robot
gathered URL's can be added dynamically as part of nightly maintenance.

What do folks think about this idea?  Is anyone interested helping the
coding project of this site?

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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