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Re: [K12OSN] vncserver

Hi Caleb,

> Hi guys, I've only been able to get the vncserver to work on one of my
> servers. No matter how many upgrades or changes I've made, I've always
> been able to get vncserver to run fine on it by just starting the
> service. I'm doing the same thing with my other server and a few
> mandrake boxes, they are starting the vncserver, but I never can get
> connected to them. What do I need to be looking at in order to find the
> source of this problem?

the answer is a bit late but maybe helful for someone, who knows.
The question is: do you really need a Linux VNC server?
On non-LTSP, non-Unix machines you can also use X:

I guess you've been doing it with K12LTSP servers before.

For standard Linux servers you need:
- in addition to vnc-server the RPM
It must have been included in the K12LTSP 2.0.X vnc-server RPM but is
now separate.
It basically adds some lines to /etc/services and creates 
- afaik the server must be in runlevel 5 (just type "runlevel" to see)
- afaik the server must have xdmcp enabled
- server shutdown should be disabled in GDM (all users could do it

The faq entry from http://www.bn-paf.de/k12ltsp/tips.html#vnc ->

Q: If no X server is installed on the client, how do i connect using

A: Connect using the following ports (see /etc/services):

vncviewer (= 1024x768x16)
vncviewer (= 800x600x16)
vncviewer (= 640x480x16)
vncviewer (= 1024x768x8)
vncviewer (= 800x600x8)
vncviewer (= 640x480x8)
In K12LTSP <2.1 this was :5X instead of :X!
LTSP and VNC contrasted [http://www.ltsp.org/contrib/ltspvnc.html] (and
why you should probably be using both)
As X is considerably faster you should use that instead if possible!!

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