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Re: [K12OSN] POP3 email server

Chris Thomas wrote:

I'm trying to get a email server to work so I can use Netscape or some other
email client. SMTP works (sendmail), but a pop3 server wasn't installed. I
found in some redhat documentation that the cd has a pop3 server named imap.
I installed it but I don't know how to configure it or start it at boot. Can
someone give me some tips. Thanks in advance.

8-) Firstly, IMAP is not POP3. However, you have inadvertantly installed the best solution, IMO.

Firstly edit /etc/xinetd.d/imap and change disable=yes, to disable=no.

Force xinetd to re-read its' config files with 'kill -1 1' (I think that's the command, but I tried it
and my system didn't explode.. 8-)

Now try loading any email client, and adding an IMAP account. It should just work.
Have a fiddle with it, and it should become very clear to you that IMAP is going to work well for you.


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