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[K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] Re: remote start of xprogram for local display

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> Dear Folks,
>         this may be a little off-topic, but just a little. let me describe
> the scenario: 1 big business server, many remote locations connected to
> central location by vpn, k12os servers in every remote location. terminals
> access oo and other goodies locally on the k12os local servers and connect
> by ssh to business server. the business app is in character mode and
> displaying X over WAN is not too good. i have many scanned documents that
> are available locally. the business app knows how to push an image to the
> remote k12os server (rsync). the server knows how to display the image
> (export DISPLAY=.... ; gqview image-name). i am missing the crucial "magic
> happens here" point - how does the business app tell the k12os server to
> fire up the script displaying the rsync-ed image. rsh doesn't work, and i
> am not sure if it is worth mashing security to make it work.
>         please, opinions, advice, solutions
> julius

Here's a rough sketch of a possible solution:

-business server app drops images and control files into a directory on
the k12 server.  The control file contains info like which display to
show it on, username, etc.  Example: 1234.gif and 1234.control.

-a secure user on the k12 server sweeps the directory at 3 second
intervals.  For each control file, use sudo to become the user listed in
the control file and pop the image on the user's display.

-How to verify that the control files are legit?
-How to ensure that this can only be used to display images?


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