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Re: [K12OSN] Beyond awareness... moving towards migration!

k12osn redhat com writes:
>Hello Folks,
>It's been a week since Eric and I went up to the ACPE conference. We
>spoke with tech coordinators from 25 large Oregon and Washington school
>districts being audited by Microsoft for softwa

Wow!  Paul and Eric...you guys ROCK!  I'm on the East Coast (Maine) and
some of us have also recieved the letters...and we only got 30
days....upon calling we also got the same angry reaction from M$.  And to
think that at one time I used to be a dyed in the wool Windows fan and a
genuine Mac hater.  Now I happen to like the new Mac OS X (I'm even going
to buy an iBook....GASP!)  And I am thoroughly fed up with M$.  Licensing
schemes....activation fiascos...and so forth....ENOUGH!   We starting
adopting StarOffice earlier this year (on the Windows platform) and the
kids thought it was cool....thay all wanted copies for home.  The new
version will be even more like M$ Office.  OpenOffice is also nice,
although packaged clip art and stuff would make it more enjoyable. 
Nonetheless....we'll be moving in a definite Linux direction with K12LTSP
rolling out this fall.  I'm psyched.  

As many of you know....Maine is giving (the state will still own them) the
schools laptops for all 7th and 8th grade students beginning this fall. 
They will be iBooks running OS X (Apple won the bid).....   Yesterday all
the Tech Coordinators from all over the state converged for a meeting with
the Maine Learning Technology Initiative folks.  The biggest thing that
seemed to come through was a tremendous amount of fear among those folks
running proprietary network software (in particular...Novell) and how
they'll be able to integrate the iBooks.  OS X is simply Unix with a cool
GUI.  The nice thing in my case and the case of a few others here in Maine
is that those of us who broke free from the bonds of proprietary server
OS's and went with Linux (I'm running E-smith/Mitel and RedHat servers)
are finding any and all migration and integration to be a no-brainer.  

Simply put...long live Linux!  And thanks guys for all you do!

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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