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Re: [K12OSN] How to prepare for K12 project

I think that the command line usage of MySQL is a pain for most of the current GUI oriented student population, but some of the MySQL web based interfaces are a snap! and make using things like Access look like trip down horror lane. The really nice part is the user actually can see and understand data structure - something that is sorely lacking in most GUI DBs, which try to mask the user from the underlying reality.

PHP is not hard, when you think that many schools are teaching Visual Basic! PHP is a snap compared to even that environment.

Report writing *is* harder in MySQL than the pretty drag and drop GUI report writer in Access, but then, with most everything being delivered on the ubiquitous browser, getting tabular hmtl output is a better approach anyway, and that is a piece of cake!

IF one is going to teach DB anyway, the first step should be ER diagraming, and understanding data relationships and structure - not building a pretty interface.....

My $.02 worth....Kirk

At 01:33 PM 5/6/2002, you wrote:
On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 02:22:57PM -0400, Royce Holden wrote:
> One item, What database programs are you using with LTSP, I need to
> clarify.  I am talking about the 'curriculum'-side of things here.  Do
> you teach 6-8 graders with MySQL, php, etc.?  Probably not!

My 8 year-old isn't doing too badly..  8-)  Start the Kids on HTML real
early, and then introduce scripting languages when they are proficient.

Ahem, sorry, that doesn't answer your question..

> Has anyone found a database program that will run on Linux and can be
> taught to 8th graders?  Currently, we're working with AppleWorks or
> MS-Works.

I've looked long and hard at this, and the best I've found so far is
OpenOffice->ODBC->SQL(any) already installed on K12OS 2.0.  It works, but
a pain to set up, complicated, and not that useful.  MySQL would be

I would suggest you start with MySQL.  Kids are *very* good at learning
new languages, and my family excitedly lapped it up.  This is very
different from the m/soft approach, and I suspect many educators will be
unable to put down their existing paradigm on this one..  8-/

This has spurred me into thinking; I'll package-up what I have done locally,
and post the URL for it.


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