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[K12OSN] The Terror of Open Source

The link which includes the letter is from TheREGISTER - DEFINITELY a must read.....

MS in Peruvian open-source nightmare
   By Thomas C Greene in Washington
   Posted: 05/05/2002 at 20:26 GMT

There's a letter circulating, purportedly from Peruvian Congressman
David Villanueva Nuñez to Microsoft Peru, which cuts the heart out of
Redmond's chief 'panic points' to chill those considering
open-source migration.

Apparently, the Peruvian government is considering a bill mandating open-source software for all public bureaux. From the congressman's letter, we gather that MS had circulated a FUD communiqué calculated to frighten world + dog with images of collapsing domestic software markets, spiraling costs and systems migration nightmares. Villanueva Nuñez slices and dices with great skill to reveal the internal inconsistencies, unsupportable claims and irrational conclusions which the MS flacks trade in.

The letter provides the most thoughtful and thorough rebuttal we've ever seen to Microsoft's standard open-source terror boilerplate.

<see link to see complete letter> - NOTE: it is LONG.....    <ô¿ô>
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