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Re: [K12OSN] How to prepare for K12 project

There is one that I use for *everything* around here.

It probably wouldn't make for a graduate course in data management but
eight-graders could do *lots* of fun things with it, like baseball card
databases, addressbooks, or even tracking their own progress, and
possibly for a 'journal' type thing.

It is fully searchable, fully customizable and you can make it display
(report) the data in whatever format you wish (using html).  The whole
thing runs under perl, is web-based and displays through a web browser.

For a quick demo, go to this link and try some searches:


and use one or more of the 'pick-list categories or put a few numbers in
some of the serial number fields and click search.  The less info you
give it, the more results, the more info, the less results.

I also set up a database for the De Queen-Mena Educational Cooperative
that has their Media Center Database (over 10,000 items) online. For a
demo of that, go to:


That database is running on a low-grade Pentium computer and observe the
speed of acquisition (sp?) even with so much data.  This one had also
been integrated with a shopping-cart for onine ordering of Media Center

Hope this helps.

> On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 07:33:24AM +1200, Steve Wright wrote:
> > > Has anyone found a database program that will run on Linux and can
> > > taught to 8th graders?  Currently, we?re working with AppleWorks o
> > > MS-Works.  
> > I've looked long and hard at this, and the best I've found so far is
> > OpenOffice->ODBC->SQL(any) already installed on K12OS 2.0.  It
works, but
> > a pain to set up, complicated, and not that useful.  MySQL would be
> > simpler.
> > I would suggest you start with MySQL.  Kids are *very* good at
> > new languages, and my family excitedly lapped it up.  This is very
> > different from the m/soft approach, and I suspect many educators
will be
> > unable to put down their existing paradigm on this one..  8-/
> > This has spurred me into thinking; I'll package-up what I have done
> > and post the URL for it.
> I strongly believe that tools that backend onto SQL/ODBC are the way
> go, because of the opportunities available once your students grow
> the GUI tools.  I consider it unfortunate that OpenOffice on K12OS
> seem to meet people's needs.  Is most of the complexity in configuring
> ODBC drivers/driver managers?  Perhaps I should make this a target for
> Debian, which includes rather complete ODBC support.
> Steve Langasek
> postmodern programmer
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