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Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)

There's been a lot of talk about using LDAP+Samba with Linux but it appears
that it is easier said then done.  I think if it delievers as promised then
it should be high on the list for documentation & ease of setup among those
in the know (which I ain't).

One thing I love about Novell vs. Linux--File Salvage. Ah, now that is a
handy feature.  Beats the heck out of pulling up a tape to restore one file,
etc. IMO...

James Jensen
"Perilous to us all are the devices of an art deeper than we possess
ourselves.". -- JRR Tolkien

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> The only thing i think easier to do with novell than with linux is setup
> print queues.  nwadmin and nds are great for setting up file sharing and
> print serving, but i dont believe they have any advantage over linux when
> comes to security.  there are so many ways you can setup a linux server to
> authenticate users - radius, samba, ldap, etc.
> On Monday 06 May 2002 21:10, you wrote:
> > I was talking to one of the other Tech Coordinators in my state the
> > day and we got into a discussion of Linux vs. Novell.  Can any of you
> > might be former or current Novell users shed any insight on what Novell
> > offers that Linux solutions might not, or how can this TC move his
> > to a Linux solution and still be able to have the security and
> > authentication and so forth that he claims to have with Novell.  Can it
> > done?
> >
> > David N. Trask
> > Technology Teacher/Coordinator
> > Vassalboro Community School
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