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Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)

Novell has extended user attributes, for example I could give a student
write access to a directory and deny erase permissions, so they can copy
assignments there and not delete someone else's. I could also give someone
modify rights to a particular file without erase permissions.

User groups were more intuitive also.

That's all I miss.


> I was talking to one of the other Tech Coordinators in my state the
> othere day and we got into a discussion of Linux vs. Novell.  Can any
> of you who might be former or current Novell users shed any insight on
> what Novell offers that Linux solutions might not, or how can this TC
> move his school to a Linux solution and still be able to have the
> security and
> authentication and so forth that he claims to have with Novell.  Can it
> be done?
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