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Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)

Here is my two cents worth and what I am up to......

We run a Novell 5 network and my boss bleeds orange.  Three years ago, the boss let
me set up a Linux "test" box.  To make a long story shorter, we run a Linux
mailserver, linux internal DNS, and linux webservers (mounted to Novell servers
btw).  Our Linux options have bailed our butts out of major fires going on three
years now....

We like Novell...we like it a lot.  We like Linux...we like it a lot.  We think
that they can co-exist and work well together.

Even though the boss bleeds orange, we are looking to run a mixed environment under
our Novell network which includes Linux desktops and Linux terminals due to future
licensing concerns and the need to recycle equipment.  I am currently working on a
project to log in Linux desktops to the Novell network using ncpfs.  Our
requirements for workstations of any type is that users authenticate to the Novell
network, access word processing (openoffice for us), have access to their Novell
home directory, and have access to our network printers.  This will allow us to
deploy/redeploy workstations as research stations in libraries, develop internet
kiosks, etc...  we are real close.

Our network is an IP/IPX network to support some legacy programs and hardware that
has been real stable for us.

We have looked at the E-Directory solution but believe that we have to make this
work before we can invest in that solution.

My opinions and thoughts are my own and do not reflect the attitudes of my


Guy Lessard wrote:

> I might as well put my two cents here,
> I like Novell for its NDS, no nonsense centralised administration of everything
> with one tool and the way groups are managed and used.
> Like others have mentionned, LDAP can be used but it seems still a hackers
> world.
> James Jensen a écrit :
> > There's been a lot of talk about using LDAP+Samba with Linux but it appears
> > that it is easier said then done.  I think if it delievers as promised then
> > it should be high on the list for documentation & ease of setup among those
> > in the know (which I ain't).
> >
> > One thing I love about Novell vs. Linux--File Salvage. Ah, now that is a
> > handy feature.  Beats the heck out of pulling up a tape to restore one file,
> > etc. IMO...
> >
> > James Jensen
> > <><><><><><>
> > "Perilous to us all are the devices of an art deeper than we possess
> > ourselves.". -- JRR Tolkien
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Chad Whitten" <cwhitten intop net>
> > To: <K12OSN redhat com>
> > Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 9:43 PM
> > Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)
> >
> > > The only thing i think easier to do with novell than with linux is setup
> > > print queues.  nwadmin and nds are great for setting up file sharing and
> > > print serving, but i dont believe they have any advantage over linux when
> > it
> > > comes to security.  there are so many ways you can setup a linux server to
> > > authenticate users - radius, samba, ldap, etc.
> > >
> > > On Monday 06 May 2002 21:10, you wrote:
> > > > I was talking to one of the other Tech Coordinators in my state the
> > othere
> > > > day and we got into a discussion of Linux vs. Novell.  Can any of you
> > who
> > > > might be former or current Novell users shed any insight on what Novell
> > > > offers that Linux solutions might not, or how can this TC move his
> > school
> > > > to a Linux solution and still be able to have the security and
> > > > authentication and so forth that he claims to have with Novell.  Can it
> > be
> > > > done?
> > > >
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