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Re: [K12OSN] Win4Lin which version and how much?

Actually you do - at least from a license perspective. I really like the install approach that you have used, but be careful or the MS Police will be down on you big time. I went through this with a Wired Mag article, where I talked about this from a technical point of view, and MS, interpreting this as a license violation, called the school district within minutes of the article coming out....the exercise cost half a day on the phone with MS folks to persuade them we did everything right.


At 04:38 AM 5/7/2002, you wrote:
> You have to have a full win95 install for each user, even with the full,
> multi user version. If you have 100 users, you need 100 installs of
> win95.  I got around this by creating generic win4lin users like
> windows1 and windows2 for each workstation.

Actually you don't.

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