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Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)

I saw a few Novell GUI client programs for linux on freshmeat.net today. Maybe they can help?

Stuart Highlander wrote:


I can tell you what I have so far.....

The overall scheme of my frankenstein is:

linux workstation boots up to generic user in user mode 3.  only two users
reside on linux workstation, root and generic.  generic has access to scripts
such as loginhsstudent, loginhsfaculty, etc....
i use this because of the differences in paths to user home drives, ie. hs
faculty logs in as user.fac and hs student logs in as user.9.stu.. hs fac home
drive servername\volumename\home\user compared to hs student home drive

my loginhsstudent script prompts the user for username and grade level.  it uses
the ncpmount command to login to the novell server.  ncpmount prompts for a
password.  if a successful login, the script creates symbolic links in generics
home drive to facilitate the starting of X.  the files for these links must
already be in the user's home directory on the novell side (use a batch file to
copy these files).  the script then starts X.  when the user logs out of X, the
script  ncpumount's the novell server and deletes the symbolic links created by
the script.

i know this is ugly but seems to work.  i am currently working on the script and
i am now to the point of creating the links.

ideas always welcome....


Aaron Leininger wrote:

"I am currently working on a
project to log in Linux desktops to the Novell network using ncpfs.  Our
requirements for workstations of any type is that users authenticate to the
network, access word processing (openoffice for us), have access to their
home directory, and have access to our network printers.  This will allow us
deploy/redeploy workstations as research stations in libraries, develop
kiosks, etc...  we are real close."

I have a lab at my school run under Novell 4.x by a teacher with a CNE. She
is interested in using linux as a client OS instead of windows9x and has
similar requirement to what Stuart wrote above. Access to mapped drives,
printers, etc... The 2 of us are trying to find a workable solution in our
spare time. Is there somewhere someone can point me to get me started? Keep
in mind that I am still a relative linux novice.


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