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Re: [K12OSN] Win4Lin which version and how much?

> OK, Per you request, here is a brief set of point from the MS half day 
> discussion.
> MS had a number of concerns....
> 1)...with reusing a small number of licensed copies of Windows for a larger 
> community of concurrent users. We did not, but that was the starting point.

You'd have though they'd be happier with a setup which links
Windows setups to $DISPLAY, in effect the number of workstations.

> 2)... with concurrent use - that was not covered in the EULA, as it was not 
> part of the operating equation when MS legal wrote the Win98 EULA.

It is actually more complicated. Microsoft changed the licencing
with Windows 98, apparently in response to products such as
"Sharedware" which enable you to have multiple users using
a single machine. The way it's written you should have an 
additional licence if you use a projector or TV at the same
time as a monitor.

> 3)....the source of the software, license numbers, dealer number, whether 
> we received the software under legitimate terms (our educational dealer was 
> able to get Win98 even though it was no longer on the educational price 
> list, by buying EDU copies of Win2000 and downgrading them). I can't say 
> that MS was all the happy that we did this, even though it was a barely 
> legitimate and creative was to get to something that would run with Win4Lin.
> 4)...with negative press towards Microsoft, and pro-LINUX stuff, from a 
> school  no less!! (OK, so that is approaching sarcasm, but that was the 
> tone of the conversation on their part!)

Maybe they should consider moving somewhere else on the planet,
no doubt they are all for "freedom of speach" when it comes
to wanting to advertise their wares though.

> 5)...with the reasons for NOT picking MS instead of K12LTSP - 3 hours of 
> hard sell...lots of my pushing back on UNIX ease-of-administration, 
> scalability, enterprise management, etc. - all the areas where MS falls 
> short as an enterprise solution.
> 6)....why we had not attended MS seminars on the benefits of MS software to 
> schools, and how this would have solved a lot of the decision effort that 
> we went through to select K12LTSP

Maybe because they don't make anything especially suitable for
schools in the first place. (I'm far from convinced they even 
could if they wanted to, it's a matter of lack of understanding
of the basics.)

You did point out that their "seminars" could have made something
other than Microsoft an *easier* choice.

> 7)...."arm twisting" of the local district - they put LOTS of heat on us to 
> move to MS, but no money, so their arguments fell on deaf ears. This cost 
> around 30 minutes of time, with MS lamenting how could we have gone a 
> different path from the district (Oh, the simple joys of being a public 
> charter school!), and then, complaints from the district on top!

If no-one ever did anything different we'd still be living in
trees, if not swimming around as protozoa :)

> So there is a set of objective reasons that the discussion took so long. MS 
> got very aggressive about pricing, but our technology grant SPECIFICALLY 
> excluded software from the purchase, so we had little choice. Even the 25 
> Win98 copies had to be "hidden" in another purchase.

If what they are offering dosn't really do the job then they
need to pay you quite a bit to get it taken off their hands.

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