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[K12OSN] 7.3 Beta


what i think should be changed in the beta:

- all source RPMs from CD3 to make room for more edu-apps

Desktop non-free:
- add RealPlayer
- add fetchmsttfonts (with wrapper script that sets ftp/http proxies
because active FTP is forbidden by default ipchains rules)
  Compare www.real.com before and after:
- "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" also shown as title for Java!

(this one is important, also see email from Jeffrey Elkner)
- IceWM - with network+cpu+clock disabled (clock at least without
seconds -> %H:%M), GDM script /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM and a prettier
theme (i like metal2)
If one finds a working menu converter for Gnome+KDE this would be great
(see utils on icewm.org)!
- Menu editor:
+ IceMe
+ NOT: IceMC -> may produce broken config files with many folded "{" at
the beginning of the file, can be easily corrected with vim though

- gcompris and gtypist (how can this be run fullscreen?)
- kurllaunch with Galeon included in
/usr/share/config/kurllaunch/browsers.rc to open Windows URL files

- Bluefish 0.6 -> 0.7 (already about half a year old)
- Etherboot 5.0.6?
- http://xcdroast.sourceforge.net/RPMS/a10/redhat-7.3/
-> Alpha10 is the long awaited release that adds multi session, CD-Text
and experimental DVD support. The non-root mode is now also much easier
to configure and there have been a lot of other improvements.

- initrd.ks -> rename to initrd.kit (not to get confused if it belongs
to RedHat's Kickstart)
- pxelinux.cfg: rename default to ltsp, link default -> ltsp, create
localboot + netinstall (as described in

Other experiences:

Kernel: bigmem which is the default when installing everything didn't
work with my two RTL8139's, the standard kernel was fine. I only have
512 MB though and didn't test the new -4 kernel. Just fyi if someone
should trap into that too.

DHCP: after swapping IP's of eth0 and eth1 dhcpd didn't start anymore,
don't know why(?)
(network cable for internet access was very short where i presented it
this weekend...)

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