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Re: [K12OSN] mapping a drive/home dir via Samba?


I am busy tying up a setup where  is LTSP fully integrated into a 
Windows Domain.

You could use PAM if you are not too afraid of it, and use the 
pam_mount module.


Well I suppose you could use also the mount options...

mount -t smbfs //server/share /mnt/point -o username=joesoap 

also -o credentials for a credentials file

On 14 May 2002, at 17:29, David Trask wrote:

> OK,
> A little background.  I am planning to roll out K12LTSP this summer...I
> have a beast of a server in the budget and so forth.  My original plan (I
> tried it out and it worked) was to set up one server as the main server to
> house the home directories and user info and export the home dirs via NFS
> to the K12LTSP server.  This worked although my issue is...I have an
> E-Smith server that I love and I've found E-smith (Mitel SME v5) to be a
> fantastic file server.  Unfortunately, without some major jury
> rigging...E-smith does not support NFS.  (if anyone knows other wise...let
> me know)  Anyway...what I'd like to do is to be able to provide my K12LTSP
> users with access to their home directories on my E-Smith server via the
> K12LTSP desktop.  I accomplish this with Windows simply by using a
> netlogon script and mapping the home dir to a drive.  Is there a way to do
> something similar via Samba that will enable me to put an icon on the
> users K12LTSP desktops that will give them access to their home dirs on
> the E-Smtih server?  Any ideas?  I thought about going with a stock RH
> server for my file server, and I still can, but I love the features on the
> E-Smith server such as browser enabled password changing for the users and
> so forth.  E-Smith is a breeze to set up and use as well...I'd like to
> have my cake and eat it too.   Thanks for any help you can give.
> David N. Trask
> Technology Teacher/Coordinator
> Vassalboro Community School
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