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Re: [K12OSN] gnome question

Aaron Leininger wrote:

[....] I created a
normal user during the install that can login but doesn't get the taskbar at
the bottom of the desktop. I then created a new user and that user is
totally normal. Is there a quick-answer as to how to turn on the task-bar
for that one user. I notice at login time as the icons appear on the splash
screen that the user in question does not have the last 2 icons appear
whereas they do appear for other users on this system. Should I just blow
away that user and recreate it? This is a fresh system and there is nothing
of consequence in that user folder as of yet.

I'm seeing this too. The easy way is to log-in as that user, manually start the taskbar,
log-out and click "restore session". Login again, and it should all be back.

I also see the icons disappear off the desktop, but the taskbar ok. <shrug>


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