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Re: [K12OSN] Turbo Pascal in Linux

Steve Langasek wrote:

Though this will likely have no impact if the national standards mandate
Pascal, I recommend python as a first language for young programmers.
It's a language which likewise enforces good programming practices, is
feature-rich, and was in fact designed with instruction in mind.  It's
also beautifully self-documenting.

It is all around a better language for learning to program in than, say,
perl, C, or VB.  Or any other language I know, actually (though I don't
know Pascal).

as a _first_ language ? I tried that, and it's just too hard..

Why not Logo ? Here's Christian, he's 9 y/o...

This is how to make a procedure;

to polygon :sides :size
repeat :sides [fd :size rt 360/:sides]

polygon 4 100    makes a square
polygon 3 100    makes a triangle
polygon 5 100    makes a pentagon

cu's C.

Ok? He knows a lot of HTML, a bit of php, a bit of SQL, but he loves logo.

We downloaded a kids programming manual for Logo, a teachers reference, course material


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