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Re: [K12OSN] 2.0.2 install and open Mosix


At this point you have only installed OpenMosix on the server. You still need to compile a kernel for the clients and edit a few files. Take a look at the following HOWTOs.

This is my how to on installing Mosix. There is a lot of info covered in this HOWTO that also relates to OpenMosix.

Under the contrib section is a howto by James Jensen on installing OpenMosix.

If you follow the above HOWTOs you shouldn't have any problems. It is important that you have done the default install of K12LTSP. The HOWTOs rely on this.

Also what hardware are you running? I'm currently working on a package to install the entire setup. You won't have to compile kernels or edit files. But I only have a kernel for clients where the cpu is a PII/celeron/PPro/PIII/P4. If your setup uses these cpus than I can give you access to my package.

Richard Camp

Salah Baker wrote:

Hello, I have some general Questions about the K-12os that I hope may get
answer here. I have a small lab set up for my school and am generally a \"New\" Linux
user. (Bear with me) I have installed K-12OS and open-mosix on the head as per instructions
on K-12-os and sourceforge. All seems fine on the head till I boot up a
diskless node. In Mosmon the only node that shows is the head. The boot process seems fine on diskless as they login to kde just fine
short one issue, they don't seem to have a name(dhcp?) .When they boot I
see that they give a error about mount(mfs) and mosix not being set up. Is there something I'm missing? Or is there a bug in install
instructions? thank you

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