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[K12OSN] new install issues

I have just installed the K12OS at home (I am an English teacher studying to be librarian/mediaspecialist)
I have only been using Linux for a short time and have mostly used the Lycoris LX amethyst, and BlueLinux distros.
I am having several difficulties.
First, no users were assigned during install so I had to sign in as root initially.  I added two users , myself and a guest.
I configured my adsl connection, mounted the windows partition at /mnt/windows, set up my mail with mozilla mail (problems with kmail) and did some other stuff.
Now, when I sign in as a user none of the configurations I did seem to have taken affect.  I can not connect to the dsl connection, even if I sign into the konsole as su.  It tells me "command not found" when I do adsl-start
When I first mounted the Fat32 partition I had access and moved a few files and images over for use.  In subsequent sessions, /mnt/windows appears to be an empty directory...even as root.

My printer was supported (first distro that had the driver ) a Compaq IJ1200 (same as lexmark z42, which was included).  The printer doesn't respond (dialogue box comes up, job goes to queu, etc).  I get "localhost local domain bad" msg.

The scrolling wheel on the mouse has been rendered useless, even though it checked out fine during the install test (generice compaq ps2 mouse)

Sometimes my sound works and sometimes it doesn't, it seems.  I hear violin sounds when I log-in in as user, but not as root.  CDPlayer makes no sound, tuxtype and tuxmath do.

Feel free to e-mail me off list, please, if tech assistance is off-topic.  Also, keep in mind that I am an English teacher, not a Computer Engineer.  I would rather you insulted my intelligence than speak over my head.  Too much knowledge can't hurt, too little can.

Besides all that, I like this distro.  Lotso nice packages.
Of course, unless I solve these issues, it really is mostly useless, however.  Printing is particulary essential, but the su/user dsl issue is pretty important, too. 

root home/tony# shutdown -h now

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