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RE: [K12OSN] X Configuration Problem

Hello Lutfullah,

Try using X_server=XF86_SVGA as your x server.

You don't say what make of video card your are using.


On Sunday, May 19, 2002 10:47 PM, Lutfullah Kakakhel 
[SMTP:lutfullah upesh edu] wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a just installed default setup on a System to which I am trying to 
connect another box with a downloaded  eb-5.0.6-rtl8139.lzrom boot img in a 
Planet NIC ROM. I have tried the network card in workstations with 
different VGA cards and they give me the same error.The screen just goes 
dark and all the led displays on my LG Monitor starts blinking (out of 
sync?).The IP (253) is assigned and I do get the initial boot messages of 
the Kernel downloading. I have tried different options instead of auto in 
the lts.conf file but i get a fatal error with no screens found. Any clue 
please!. This is my first attempt and first posting to the list too. Thanks 
in advance.
> Lutfullah
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