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Re: [K12OSN] new install issues

mrbaldwin school-library net said:
> I configured my adsl connection, mounted the windows partition at /mnt/
> windows, set up my mail with mozilla mail (problems with kmail) and
> did some other stuff. Now, when I sign in as a user none of the
> configurations I did seem to have taken affect.  I can not connect to
> the dsl connection, even if I sign into the konsole as su.  It tells
> me "command not found" when I do adsl-start 

The command paths are different for root and normal users. Using 'su'
promotes you to root, but doesn't run the login procedures which would
set the path. If you use 'su' try doing 'su -' (the trailing '-' will
cause it to act as a login process). Alternatively, find where the 
command lives ('which adsl-start' as root) and specify the full path
when you run it.

> When I first mounted the
> Fat32 partition I had access and moved a few files and images over for
> use.  In subsequent sessions, /mnt/windows appears to be an empty
> directory...even as root.

If the directory is empty, then the partition is probably not mounted.
The 'mount' command without arguments will tell you what's currently

I'll let someone else address the printer, sound  and display issues.


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