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Re: [K12OSN] Squid Proxy

John Pilmore wrote:

After having no luck with the Apache proxy server, I switched to Squid. Wouldn't you know it, I have the same problem as I posted yesterday. As the day wears on and the T1 gets saturated with requests, the proxy server slows to a crawl as well. At this point I wonder if the Proxy server is actually servicing requests or just looks like it is. At about 2:20 in the afternoon when school lets out for the day in all three districts serviced by this single T1 internet connection, everything speeds back up. I am so new to linux, I haven't a clue where to start looking. I administer the proxy server through Webmin. Am I forgetting something in the conf file that Webmin can't configure? Should I be running with 2 network cards instead of 1? Does the unit have to be placed in a particular arrangement on the network? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Incidentally, I just learned all 3 school districts reside behind a firewall/Nat unit.

Thanks again

John Pilmore

High John,
I have just finised testing a great RH 7.2 disro from www.clarkconnect.org 130Meg download installs in minutes gives everything for a Internet Gateway server..
This has some nice features including Squid with a single clickable option for transparent proxy ...
Transparent proxy requires squid to fire up with "accelerated port settings" I can tell you that my users found that the apparent speed of the Internet way faster..
all This all on a lowly 166 overclock pentium with 32Mram and 2 Gig hard drive..

2 network cards are a must in my book! (you could have clients bypassing your proxy ?)
with 2 cards they have to come through the Box?

cheers Paul S.

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