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Re: [K12OSN] website - hardware quotes

On 23 May 2002, Paul Nelson wrote:

> We like the thinknics a lot. We're installing 65 computers and they may
> very well be a part of that solution. Some of our workstations will be
> running at higher than 1024x768 on the desktop. That rules out the
> thinknic. We've had nothing but good experiences with it in all other
> regards now that the correct xserver is configured.

ThinkNIC's are highly recommended

... On the ThinkNIC display head based network, with PXE boot,
Xfce X Window manager, central hardware RAIDed Dell server
farm. I hit the office at 0830 -- current time is 0955.  this
morning I have successfully:

1.  Downloaded , installed, and configured, adn then VNC'd
into a Win box, and run a DOS box Foxpro application, on a box
sitting on a mixed IP/IPX Novell network (actually, we opened
SEVERAL VNC sessions, on several display heads, for testing,
training and debugging purposes)

2.  Done browsing with Netscape and konqueror

3.  Composed and read my email, through pine on a server 200
miles from where I am siting

4.  Updated DNS at an ISP I admin for remotely

5.  Viewed, using xpdf, a piece of technical documentation
from a vendor in France (they messed up generating it, and
clipped the page numbers by printing to too small a virtual
printer -- Full color, fully searchible with the Binocular

6.  Printed to a remote LPD laser printer

NONE of this was here hesterday except a bunch of parts and 
some CD's I pulled off the FTP site.

Bug:  I was unable to play an audio CD on a remote CD drive,
and have the audio appear at my local desktop


My plan for the after noon is to get the proprietary vendor 
phone system dialling and answering the phone, adn replicating 
a subset of the function of the (rather expensive) phone 

and get a PPP dialup in link in place, until the T! network 

-- Russ

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