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Re: [K12OSN] Terminal Server can't receive email

On Tuesday 28 May 2002 11:42 am, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi all people,
> K12LTSP-2.0.2
> I just complete the installation of the Terminal Server.    My Server is
> connected to Broadband with dynamic IP.  It is automatically connected to
> Internet at boot and browsing has no problem
> However I can't fetch email.  I tried both KMail and Netscape.  Send mail
> is OK.  I re-checked Login and password several times but could not
> discover any mistake.  Whenever I tried to connect the mail server, it
> prompted "error connecting...."
> ANY advice.  Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Liu

Please let us know what your setup is. Are you using an IMAP or POP3 account? 
Is the account on your ISP's network or is it on a local network?

If you are sure you have the server IP address correct, try this from a shell 

telnet my.mail.server pop3
or if you use an IMAP account,
telnet my.mail.server imap2

It should connect at the very least. If you know the protocol, you can even 
authenticate yourself, but the idea is to make sure it is up and running.


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