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Re: [K12OSN] help: V2.0 SAMBAsecondary+NTprimary, eth1 DHCP address 192.168.0.x

Bert Rolston wrote:

Hi Steve,

I'm running a single nic on my LTSP system.

It passes through the Wingate (proxy / firewall ) box to access the internet. So I've shut all the LTSP firewall stuff down. The joy of installing onto an existing network and keeping both systems running, without conflicts.

Ok, this will be my situation I think. I have two NICs installed, as per default.
eth1 tries to get its' IP address with DHCP and fails. No problem. 8-)
What else do I need to shut down? `service ipchains stop` `service nat stop` ??

I am assuming that since eth1 didn't start, the firewall/MASQ side of the LTSP
will simply disappear. I will need to `route add` back to the NT box so LTSP
will have access to the internet, via NT (is this correct?

I've just re-read your first message. You shouldn't need to break into the network that way.

Just plug into the same switch as the NT box.


The other thing you may want to do is disable the DHCP server on the NT box and dish out all leases from LTSP. You can stop the NT DHCP server without shutting down the server.

8-/ I want their sysadmin to be able to pull the plug on the LTSP box if she feels

It seems to me; If there is a netblock that is unused (say
I will be able to set DHCPD (on the LTSP box) to issue addresses in that block only,
and _only_ to booting LTSP clients (there won't be many.)

Normal win-boxen will get their IP addresses, as usual, from NT. The ONLY time LTSPs' DHCPd
will issue an address is if the vendor-identifier = PXEClient which means a netboot, which means

Am I on the right track? Can I make this happen just by using /etc/dhcpd.conf and setting "range" to
the allocated address block ? I will need to have the NT box NOT EVER allocate addresses in this range
to avoid conflict.

BTW, there is only about 100 PCs in the whole school, so I'm sure there will be an available netblock somewhere.

I'm not sure if this holds true for NT, but Wingate appears to issue IPs from x.x.x.1 up. Linux DHCP appears to issue the addresses from x.x.x.254 down. That's what I've been observing on my network.

Yes, that looks the same on this network. Theoretically, with the number of PCs they have,
the numbers should never meet in the middle, but I want to ensure that never happens, rather than
take it by chance.


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