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RE: [K12OSN] Application Help

Hi all,

On Wednesday, May 29, 2002 10:55 AM, Aaron Leininger 
[SMTP:aleininger ttsd k12 or us] wrote:
> This seems to defeat the entire purpose of going off of windows!?

Not necessarily. Windows is a lot more stable running this way!

This allows a transition from Win to Linux. I'm using this option at 

It also allows custom and centralised Win9x / 2000 configs.

To re-install Win 9x from scratch with apps takes about half my work day 
(MS apps take so long to install). I'm employed for 6 hrs/day.

By using Ghost I can get this down to about 30 minutes from start to finish 
using an image on CD.

By using Win4Lin NSSE running inside a Linux terminal session, I can 
"rebuild" a Win9x machine in about 5 minutes. Trash the user home folder, 
unTar the appropriate image, allocate appropriate rights, and the "machine" 
is back up and running.

Have you ever wanted to write protect the Windows C: drive? I have, and 
I'll be trying this on one of my Win4Lin sessions. If I break it, so what, 
5 minutes later I'm back to square one!

So as long as we have Win apps that haven't been ported to Linux Win4Lin 
makes a lot of sense.


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> Another alternative might be using Netraverse's Win4Lin.  But you need a
> Windows license for this and I'm not sure how it would handle sound 
> (if that's an issue with AR).
> Petre

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