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Re: [K12OSN] DHCPD.Conf

Hi Keith,

I am also interested to have a look. Please post it on the list.



At 02:15 PM 2002/5/29 +1200, you wrote:

Apologies if this issue has been covered before. Have now successfully installed a new kernel to use with the my clients I am able to get this to load to them using the dynamic allocation of IP addresses within the dhcpd.conf file. When I try to specify a fixed IP address using the hosts lines it refuses to co-operate. I have checked the dhcpd.leases file and it is empty which seem strange. If I hash out all the dynamic allocation lines in the dchpd.conf and watch a client log in using tail f /var/log/messages I can see the dchdp server receiving the DHCPDISCOVER message from the client with the same mMAC address as I have specified in the dhcpd.conf but getting the message no free leases on subnet workstations. Finally I have set the option 128 and 129 lines both at the start of the file and in the host section.

Apologies if this is going over old ground but it is a real issue for me at present.

Keith Turner


Kendal School


Christchurch 8005

New Zealand

Ph 64-3-358-4783

Fax 64-3-358-4167

principal kendal school nz

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