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Re: [K12OSN] Application Help

I thought I would comment on this topic.  We use Linux heavily on the
server side of my school district technology department.  We have saved
the district SO much money by going with Linux.  We have been talking
about using Linux on the desktop and our only obstacle at this point is
all the Renaissance Learning Apps:  Accelerated Reader, Star Reading,
Accelerated Math, Star Math,and Perfect Copy.  

Due to locking problems with Samba, I became in touch with Renaissance
Learning's Senior Level Technical Support Rep.  She is in touch with
much of the upper level of the company.  I have discussed with her the
direction we are wanting to go - FREE!  She understands our motivation. 
In fact, she has offered some advice - Wine, Darwin, Win4Lin, etc.  

There are no plans to port the client application(s) in the near future
to Linux.  However, she said there hadn't been much interest in it
either.  I took that as a hint.  :)  Maybe if we were to ask for it, we
would get it?  I know I ask her about it every two months or so.  The
answer is always the same - No Tait...  

There are lots of free apps out there that do assessment.  That is all
that AR, Star, etc are.  Why could there be created an open source AR,
Start, etc?  Those test questions are copyrighted, but if we worked
together, couldn't we have teachers to collaborate together and make
tests for books?

What do you all think?  I sure hope to hear more talk about this!
Tait Shrum
Bryant School District 

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