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RE: [K12OSN] Client RAM requirements? (overkill) / SOUND

On Wed, 29 May 2002 smooge mindspring com wrote:

>If in gnome then esd opens up a port from server to client and pipes the 
>data across. No compression or such.. probably need about 1mb/s for it.

Last time I measured it, esd used 128kbps... 

As a comparison, setting windows to "opaque move" and moving a large window
around chewed up about 4mbps.


>On Mon, 27 May 2002, Greg Long wrote:
>>Client side SOUND...I read mention of that - I'll have to read more.  I
>>was thinking that over a network sound would bog everything down...and I
>>was also wondering how .wav audio is transmitted...it must be
>>audio-lossy compressed in fashion similar to mp3 compression?  MIDI
>>wouldn't be much of a problem of course.
>>Anyways, I don't think sound is too important.  If a multimedia lab is
>>the goal that probably gets to the point when you'd need so much server
>>and network power that it would be desirable to build a bunch of what we
>>would consider currently to be a low-end workstations to be the clients.
>>Hopefully Linux will become viable as a multimedia machine
>>sometime...video/audio editing currently sucks pretty much. Sadly, even
>>the popular GPL app VirtualDub is Win32 only.

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