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RE: [K12OSN] Connection question - Server and Client

Hi Stephen,

Bert here.

Answers below.......

On Friday, May 31, 2002 2:06 PM, Stephen Liu [SMTP:satimis writeme com] wrote:
> Hi Daniel and all guys,
> Thanks to all of you for your information.
> Sorry,  I am a little bid confused in reading the threads.  My question can 
> be summarized in following points.
> 1) Direct connection, Server and Client, for experimental only in setup a 
> Server and Client : - a crossover cable can achieve this target as advised.

Yes if you only want to test with one computer connected to the server.
> 2) Can the same cable be used to link the hub/switch to the Server or Client ??

Some hubs will let you use this some hubs won't. You will have to look at the documents that come with the hub / switch.

> 3) What is the difference in wire connection between a crossover cable and 
> a patch cable.  Where can I find their connection drawings ??

Somke of the pairs get crossed over from one end to the other end of the lead. 

I have seen cross over adaptors that plug onto the end of a normal patch lead. These are popular with games players.

Any reasonable computer store should be able to supply the correct cables, and perhaps the cable wiring diagrams.

> Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Liu
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