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Re: [K12OSN] test openmosix packages for k12ltsp

--- dale quigg aspentech com wrote:
> >Steven:
> >
> >I agree with the concept of clustering the backend, the servers.  If a
> >servers gets powered off, you have bigger things to worry about then
> lost
> >client processes, as I like to say.
> >
> >That's an interesting idea of forcing migrating processes to the user's
> box
> >that owns them.  It would probably defeat the load-balancing that we're
> >after in the first place though.  The auto-migration factor and full
> >utilization of availabe resources is what makes it truly useful, IMO.
> >
> >But it always comes back to--if a client's box drops with processes
> running
> >from the server...
> >
> >James Jensen
> Hi James,
> You surely know more about open-mosix than I do, 

;-) don't count on it...

> but I remember seeing an
> openmosix mode of operation called "half duplex".  With this, processes
> could either run on the server cluster or on the users own computer. 
> (After
> a brief check, I don't see this anywhere on the site now).  This may be a
> reasonable compromise between using the power of the thin clients and
> preventing problems for others if a person turns off a client.
> Does this seem like a reasonable solution to what you are looking for?

I haven't seen this option.  There are many options amongst the openMosix
toolset to set up all kinds of configurations.  There's a lot of good
documentatioin on it but I'm really only scratching the surface with the
things I've done.

Patching the backend machines, the servers, with openMosix seems like a
reasonable approach while avoiding the "what if" of clients dropping
out--but there may be other approaches that would work better.

I'm still learning...

Thanks Dale,

James Jensen
"The only measure of what you
believe is what you do..." --AM

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