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Re: [K12OSN] My Terminal Services Project

Hi Cabel,

At 08:41 AM 2002/11/1 -0600, you wrote:
Well guys, I've been running ltsp with redhat 8 for about a month now
without a hitch.

Did you build your terminal server on RH8.0 or upgrade K12 from RH7.3 to RH8.0

I thought I'd give you guys some "rough benchmarks".
I'm running 54 thinknics from my server that has 4 gb ram and a single
1.8ghz xeon ( I now have dual xeon's but the majority of the benchmarks
take place with the single cpu).

I have not got experience on dual CPU. Can you ran a single CPU on a dual CPU motherboard and add the 2nd CPU later when necessary?


Stephen Liu

 My terminals are running the xdm themed
login, gnome 2, and mozilla with the codeweavers crossover plugin. My
average memory usage is 2gb of ram and my average cpu usage for my one
xeon has been around 40 percent. Here's something important, the
codeweavers plugin is a resource hog on this server. When the terminals
are using the plugins they may use as much as 3.2 gb ram, they have
never touched the page file however. The cpu usage also spikes to a
constant 80 percent usage and sometimes 100 percent is utilized off and
on. Despite this, everything has been running fine. I recently added my
second xeon processor because the crossover plugins were pushing my
single cpu to its limit and I wasn't comfortable with cutting it that
close. As I type this, 40 users are on and using the codeweavers plugin.
The second xeon seems to have made a world of difference, although I
have users who's pluginserver processes sometimes hog 20 percent of my
cpu. I hope my little spill can prove useful to someone.

Caleb Wagnon, MCP
Fordyce School District
Office of Technology
Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
(870) 352-2968

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