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Re: [K12OSN] Printing based on username/IP address

Well, this is short on details, and long on idea, but you could
accomplish this with judicious use of an ident client and modification
of the LPR server. 

There is a possibility that you may restrict the LPR daemon on it's own,
most Unix software is designed to use identd, if availible.   However,
with M$ 9x/Me machines not conforming, and having no security [with
ports <1024], it is not very secure at all in mixed networks.   A person
can easily write an ident spoofing daemon to answer as anyone they want.

However, I would look at identd.


On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 07:18, Antony Gordon wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if it is possible to direct print jobs depending on machine ip address and/or user id. What I want to do is allow students to print to the printers in their classroom only, but allow teacher stations (when the teacher is logged on) to print in the classroom, or even in the main office.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
> -Tony 
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