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Re: [K12OSN] Wyse Winterm 5440XL?


> I notice it's listed as compatible on the faq:

No! It is just a list of thin clients with Linux OS - there are others with 
WindowsCE/Embedded that aren't usable. This normally means that it can be used 
as X-Terminal (as you can see on their product page 
It is not necessary/possible for most of the commercial thin clients to boot 
over the net. The included compact flash or disk on chip with their own GUI + 
management software + other client software (Browser, RDP, ICA, AIP, terminal 
emulation and so on) makes them a bit more expensive.

> However, a colleague of mine just talked to someone at Wyse who said 
> that this model will _not_ work with Etherboot. So I guess the full 
> question is: is anybody using this model and if so, how did they set 
> them up to boot?

one drawback for most of them is that you can't have sound. The "no reply" in 
the third column shows how much interest most vendors have to sell their 
machines to schools...
I wrote them all and asked about support for the esound daemon.
Buergernetz Pfaffenhofen - http://www.bn-paf.de

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